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JokaRoom Casino and exclusive welcome bonus

The name JokaRoom Casino has an almost legendary meaning in the world of iGaming: it is the largest private gaming company in the world! Add to that nearly 20 years of industry experience, and our expectations for JokaRoom Casino are skyrocketing! With our recent casino testing, we shed light on the extent to which our expectations can be validated. Did we miss the reality check?

JokaRoom Casino has come a long way this time with the new Dirty Dancing slot machine. Through licensing and collaboration with Lionsgate, joka vip room login has created a video slot based on the romantic dance drama film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The movie was filmed in the U.S. in 1987 and has since gained cult status. So it's no surprise that this franchise has been immortalized in a slot machine as well. We researched it for you!

Regarding player protection, we can add that at  it is very important that players do not abuse themselves and that entertainment at the online casino does not turn into an addiction problem. 

JokaRoom Casino has 3 bonus features

JokaRoom Casino "Whirling Wilds Feature": Johnny and Baby dance before their roles. The animation is really well done and well worth watching! During this pirouette, up to 6 symbols turn into "Johnnys". A payout is then made using the new wild symbols in the appropriate position.

JokaRoom Free Games Feature: Before the free spins begin, a spinning wheel determines how many free spins will be awarded. There is also a choice of extras that contain a double multiplier. Then the whole roles can "play out" and the free spins will begin!

JokaRoom Casino Bonus Feature: "Dirty Dancing": This mini-game offers you a choice of 9 boxes. If you manage to drag 3 identical objects, you can advance to the next level. The higher you go, the more you win. At level 1 you get 4 times your initial bet, and at level 5 you get 20 times your initial bet! When you reach level 6, you can win the progressive jackpot.

The Time of My Life Jackpot Game is the sixth and final level of the Dirty Dancing Bonus Game. Earn 3 Johnny or Baby symbols and you will win one of two progressive jackpots.

Lights out! Blur!

The charm of the film is realized well, the flair is very well conveyed. The music is matched, and the animation and symbols are realized perfectly. JokaRoom Casino has created a wonderful slot machine just in terms of audio-visual information. The features are triggered quite often, which also contributes to the entertainment and makes the cash machine ringing. The opportunities to win at Dirty Dancing from JokaRoom Casino are insane. If you choose the maximum bet, earning 20,000 euros on the extra feature is easy. Even if you have two legs of your own, it's highly likely that Dirty Dancing will make your heart beat faster. If we piqued your curiosity, you should take a look at JokaRoom Casino.

Thank you JokaRoom Casino - enjoy Spiña Colada in a hammock!

The Scandinavian-Maltic company has now mastered the right feeling of summer. This is sure to be felt on the new slot machine from JokaRoom Casino. Spina Colada hops on the hot summer 2017 hit train and promises to be a popular slot machine. Hopefully after "Sunshine Coast" a few goodies will keep you in the summer mood, even if you can't be at the beach every day, you will be reminded of this pleasant time, or you can do it too. on the go Enjoy the slot machines now!
JokaRoom Casino: The Spina Colada welcomes us to the pool near the beach. The sun has already set, and it's time for an exotic cocktail. The bartender prepares us a delicious drink while relaxing music plays in the background. Hours pass, and the conversations subside. They dance to South American rhythms and Mexican guitars. Spina Colada creates a festive mood on your home PC or cell phone, tablet and smartphone, and it's really nice to look at. Graphically, Yggdrasil can shine again and shows us the know-how of the software company. JokaRoom Casino "Spiña Colada" offers you a classic slot machine design with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Betting can be placed from 0.25 to 125 euros per run. However, this smoothie benefits from re-spins, extra multipliers and 4 random bonus features. There is also a free spins mode where you are guaranteed to always win! Visually, Spiña Colada looks fantastic! The playing field and symbols are perfectly adapted to the theme, and the reels contain cocktail ingredients. There are watermelons, pineapples, kiwi, oranges, strawberries and 3 different cocktails. The JokaRoom Casino logo "Spiña Colada" is the wild symbol and replaces all others. Strawberries and 3 different cocktails. The JokaRoom Casino "Spiña Colada" logo is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols. Strawberries and 3 different cocktails. The Spiña Colada logo is the wild symbol and substitutes for all others.

JokaRoom Casino - more new slots

JokaRoom Casino has a re-spin feature that is triggered when you get a winning combination of 3 or more symbols on at least one payline - winning symbols are then rewarded with a re-spin. You will continue to get re-spins as long as there are more of the same symbol on the reels. When you fill the reels, you get multipliers - it depends on how many reels you have completely filled with the symbol. If you fill 2 reels, you get a 2x multiplier - at most you can get a multiplier up to 5x to freeze 5 reels.
In addition, four bonus features can be triggered randomly during the game! You can only benefit from:
Extra Wild Symbol Feature - The wild symbol is added to the 2nd and 3rd reels!
Second Chance Feature - 1 or 2 winning symbols are placed to account for at least 3!
Guaranteed Win Feature x3 - the reels will spin until you get a winning combination, and then it will freeze and your winnings will triple! If you fill all the reels with frozen symbols and get a 3x multiplier, you can benefit from an extra thick 15x multiplier!
Full line feature - 5 units of the same symbol will be added to one of the paylines to guarantee you 5 wins!
Once you activate the feature for the fourth time, you will automatically enter the free spins activated by the bonus feature.